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What is DefiScale?

DeFiScale is a blockchain – based project offering investments in fixed-term deposits, including deposits in our own token – DFC. Deposits bring daily fixed interest while the funds collected from those deposits create DeFiScale’s investment wallet. We use it to invest in selected projects to generate profits.

We are an innovation in the industry of decentralized finances. Our strength is in our portfolio – well diversified, stable and safe. Focused on trusted and profitable gambling and financial projects identified and verified by our experts with vast experience in financial and capital markets.

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Decentralized finances (DeFi) – a new industry with major growth prospects

The term ‘decentralized finances’ refers to a collection of first apps offering various financial solutions to create the world of free, open and fully accessible financial services – without commissions, merchants, banks or other entities whose operational models become increasingly obsolete.

Massive growth of DeFi is reflected in the industry statistics. According to DeFi Pulse, the total value locked across all DeFi projects has surged dramatically in the last 12 months: from USD over 600 million in March 2020 to a record high of $ 43,6 in March 2021. And counting.

Why DeFi?

Traditional financial system

Slow, and bureaucratic

Decentralized financial system

Instant, easy transactions
Low interest rates
High profits accessible to everyone
Restrictive regulations
Lack of unnecessary formalities, no local regulations
Lack of trust and transparency
Transactions secured by smart contracts

3 steps

of becoming a beneficiary of DeFiScale’s growth

Step one – depositing assets

The customers allocate their funds in deposits to receive a fixed interest ascribed to eachtype of them (terms range from 1 to 12 months). Read through this page to find out how we invest and how it translates to the rising valuation of your assets held in DFC.

Step two

DeFiScale invests only in tested and business-validated projects. As our group has gained vast experience in initiating and managing gambling and financial projects in the financialsector – we have the skills and tools to reliably determine the potential of each project in ourportfolio.

Step three – the profits

Our investments generate business growth and profits that are meant to stimulate the riseof the price of our token (DFC) listed on the crypto exchange. Basing on implementing the strategy of growth, expanding our market presence and the quality of the investment portfolio, we are able to pay interest on a daily basis.

Our investment pool

Thanks to the experience of our experts we build and manage our investment wallet by applying vast financial expertise in crypto, as well as that acquired in the traditional financial markets. In the process of creating our portfolio we combine liquidity guaranteed by most innovative technologies and profitability levels of our business model.

How do we build our investment portfolio?


A robust investment portfolio needs diversification defined by professionals – this criterion applies to developing each project but also to the entirety of the portfolio.

Business projects

More than 80% of our portfolio will be allocated in assets connected to live blockchain projects. We have the first-handworking knowledge of these projects, we know the ins and outs of the industries they work in. It is key in ensuring their profitability in the longrun.


One of the most crucial criteria of selecting assets to our poolis their liquidity. Each investment decision is preceded by a thoroughanalysis in this respect.


To maximize profitability we create amix of long term investments paired with their liquidity ensured by blockchain-basedassets. Such combination allows us to maintain liquidity while generating significantly more profits than portfolios dominated by major coins..

Get to know our

Gaming projects

  • ShadowBit

    ShadowBit is a blockchain-based spinoff of Shadowbet, an onlinecasino, with a welll established brand and business operation which has broughtabout great commercial and financial success to its founders. Synergy of their 500+ affiliates, their enormous number of users globally with DefiScale blockchain technology will open this EU-licenced casino business to cryptocurrencies. With more and more regulations coming to the gambling business (and their clients) – now is the time to take the blockchain path. Shadowbet and DeFiScale have agreed on that.
  • FinBet

    FinBet is an innovative financial betting platform, which offers simple (up or down) bets on multiple assets, including stocks, currencies, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. The decisive factor in Defiscale’s decision to join Finbet project was that similar platforms in the traditional financial market shave proved to be highly profitable to their operators. Combined experience in the makings of the crypto economy and traditional financial markets helped develop the business model and technology behind FinBet. It’s launch is scheduled for Q2 2021.
  • Tokenized Slots

    A pioneering business project focused on tokenized slotmachines worldwide. This project offers its participants access to the benefits from the gambling industry, without dealing with its strict legal regulations orengaging in major direct investments. The user simply acquires the token and a gateway to rewards. The profits are earned by the slot machines operated within gaming licences in a number of African countries.

Get to know our

Financial projects

Coming soon


This product allows for real-time analysis of thousands of tokens using pre-defined indicators and strategies (technical analysis) to provide trading signals and alerts for the investors.


Based on an in-depth analysis of the trader’s preferences, accepted risk level, and investment possibilities, this tool automatically creates a tailor made portfolio for the trader.


Decentralized crypto exchange including all the cutting edge tools available on the market (algorithmic strategies, margin trading, short trading, etc.).


Fully automated algorithmic Blockchain-based Forex platform. strategies trading for investors.


Blockchain-based Forex platform.

Our token

Explore the benefits of having our token! DFC is an utility token that grants its owner an unique opportunity to participate in the success of DeFiScale. While the projects included in our portfolio grow, our token’s value grows along with them. Take advantage of this occasion – join, and benefit from our profits.

DFC is going public

Be there. It is a good place to be.

You can acquire DFCs by buying them on HitBTC or receiving them as interest payment for DeFiScale deposits
DFC’s value grows along with the success of our strategy. As our portfolio projects build their market position, create alliances and generate profits – the price of the token will reflect the implementation of such strategy
DeFiScale invests in the chosen projects mostly by gaining their tokens. Having our token, you benefit from all the tokens we have acquired (or will acquire) as well. And we will . See our promise/delivery record
DFC entitles you to interest on your deposits
Tokens will be granted as profit payouts or as rewards (to avoid dilution, no more than 10% of the total number of tokens)
Part of the profits of DeFiScale will be used to buy and burn DFC
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Emission and valuation

DFC has been issued in the number of 200 mln of tokens, 150 mln of whichwent to the investors in two private sales. Further tokens will be issued as termdeposits interest, or in further emissions subject to token holders’ votes, orgranted as rewards (no more than 10% of total emission).

We aim to limit the DFC number to 2200000000. Part of the profits ofDeFiScale will be used to buyback, and burn DFC.

Our strategy


Latest News

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